Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's your bias?

The title of this blog should be read like the prase, "what's your problem?"

The World English Dictionary defines bias as a  "mental tendency or inclination, esp an irrational preference or prejudice." 

I argue that I am not biased toward the dems, nor against the repubs.  I really don't think I have an irrational prejudice one way or the other. 

irrational:  without the faculty of reason; deprived of reason

One can be fair and still consistently have negative things to say about an entity, like say, the Republican leadership and their step-alongs.  Being un-biased does not mean saying bad things or good things equally about opposing entities.  Being unbiased simply means being able to reason through a situation without applying an irrational force toward or against some element of that situation. 

Reason is what I have been screaming for, reason is what our society seems to be missing. 

I would like to qualify my recent posts that explicitly target Republicans.  I should say that I do not think that all those registered as Republicans are representative of the ills I ascribe to the Republican Party.  However, the Republicans in our Congress are extremely unified in their irrational behavior, and those who follow them are accountable. 

Ultimately, the problems of our society do not lie in our leaders, but in the reasoning abilities of our citizens. 

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