Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Making Republicans look bad

Lindsay Graham, R. Senator from South Carolina was on Face the Nation this weekend, along with his colleague, D. Senator Carl Levin from Michigan.  The topic was the New START treaty.  The Republicans refusal to pass this legislation has inflamed national security advocates from all parties.

Graham asserts that the confusing language in the preamble of the treaty will lead to an eventual pull out from Russia when the US commences work again on its missile defense system.  The eventual breakdown of the treaty, Graham says, is more dangerous than no treaty at all.  

Everyone else seems to disagree with the Senator and his Republican step-alongs in congress.

Levin countered Graham's point, "It'll damage national security (not passing New START), [and] not just because I say so," Levin said. "I may be chairman of the Armed Services Committee but my view is not nearly as important as every single former Secretary of State, every single National Security Advisor, Republican and Democratic, our current military leadership say it is essential to national security that we pass the START treaty."

Graham, however, made the astonishing assertion that HE NEEDS TO BE THE ONE TO SAY SO, HIM SPECIALLY.  It is not enough for the military leadership to tell him that his concerns are unfounded, but that he wanted the Russians to assure Graham himself...personally.  He want the Russians to make a special assertion just to Senator Graham, or he won't believe that the treaty allows us the ability to continue with our plans.

Wow.  Childsplay with our national security between Russia.

Then, Graham goes on to say that the 'excruciating' lame duck session was 'designed' to make Republicans look bad.  They do not need any extra help in that, though Democrats could have been making them look much worse for the past 12 years.  Democrats are too nice, but maybe it WILL pay off in the end, as the chips fall where they may.

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