Friday, December 17, 2010

oi...and I am so sick of the polls...rant

Oi, my son woke up at 5:30am and didn't nap until 1pm...then for only 20min.  That is the longest he has ever been awake in his life.  He is down again, now.  I hope he sleeps.  Mama is worn down.  And of course, little baby without sleep = fussy baby all day long...oi. 

Onto my political rant...

I am so sick of newspeople and politicians quoting polls.  Really people?  Should we be governing by polls?  It is fine to gauge what Americans think, but most Americans are not well informed. 

I really kills me because, for instance, no one cared when tens of thousands of people protested President Bush being chosen by the supreme court as our President in 2000.  No one cared when millions of people protested against the Iraq war .

Leaders don't usually make decisions based on polls, but I guess our country is in such a sorry state, that we don't have leaders who lead.  We have leaders who follow...and who are they following?  Fox News viewers?  And who are Fox News viewers following?  More people watch Faux News than any other news channel, and those viewers are the most uniformed.

Click here.

Yes, well, so sad.  You now the rest of the world is always referring to us as dumb Americans....seriously, they are right.  From test scores to the state of our politics and culture...we are a laughing stock.  My son is crying in his sleep...seriously, he is.  Poor babe.

The Republicans say they are listening to the American people, but they aren't paying attention to the polls about the healthcare plan, which, when broken down show only 26% of people want the healthcare law repealed and replaced.  Of course most of them are Republicans, and most of them have been ill informed anyway by Fox News.  And they weren't listening to the people this week when they blocked tax extensions for the middle class to extend them to the uber-wealthy (during one of our countries hardest times in history, and among their own campaign to reduce the deficit!)

Grr.  It is so stupid.

Seriously, do we want the country to be run by polls, or by competent leaders?

The twisted thing about it is, Conservatives historically take the position of 'the leader leads because people can't think for themselves.'  I spent three years in Altoona trying to prove that idea wrong, but guess what?  People were not informed, did not want to be informed, and refused to take action to improve their own lives.  That is the reality leaders have to deal with.

In know someone is going to think, "that has all changed now, since the Tea Party etc. etc."  People engaged in today's partisan politics are in it for the game, not for sustained change.  Click here to get the real dish on the tea party.  Back to the same source for the uncanny, ridiculous, political fervor ruining our country.

Once again, where are there any leaders in this country?  (I reserve Obama and Clinton here as America's few leaders).

That's right Obama and Hillary ARE leaders, only with few followers.

Funny (in a terrible way), we are a nation of followers without enough leaders, where the couple of leaders we have, don't have any followers.  Something is sorely amiss.

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