Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back to Domestic Politics-Tax debate-empowering the right

Well, it was nice to see President Obama at least mention fighting against the Republican's and their ridiculous behaviors in our Congress.  But, really, he just mouthed the words, and did not take appropriate fighting actions.  Actions speak louder than words, Mr. President.  I believe there was time to make this fight against extending the top tier tax cuts, but he did not make it.

The Dem. Congress is furious that he seemed to have made a tax deal unilaterally, without a fighting process through the congress, but why should Obama have expected the Dem. Congress to start leading now?  They have been silent for the last two years, trying to avoid hard debates, and pointing to Obama as a non-leader.  If Obama is trying to get legislation moving on his own, then maybe this was his best option.

The problem is how weak the Democratic party is.  Howard Dean has done nothing to lead and strengthen the party.  Pelosi and Reed have done little to create a cohesive unit, or even strong public campaign for the change people voted for in 2008.  Republicans, on the other hand, have played the field with genius.  The American people have virtually forgotten anything that happened during the Bush years, and it is taboo to even talk about.  The first thing the Republicans did was to say, "Hey!  Don't keep blaming things on Bush, this is your (Obama's) country now."  Republicans then proceeded to orchestrate a populous movement, underpinned by the fallacy that President Obama is a Socialist, Muslim, non-citizen etc.  Wow, and half of the population bought it.  The other half just cowered in silence.  Is this America????

Does it really matter at this point?  After the damage the Bush years did to our country, is this vote on taxes going to kill us? No, I don't think so.  What we do need to worry about is the empowerment of the Republican party who continue to lie and erode the fabric of this country by turning Americans against each other for one thing, POWER.  That's what this compromise does, empowers the wrong people.  And what will they do with their power?  Take the risk and look at the past decade under Bush, and keep running..

Less talk about fight, Dems, and more action.  ( and I don't think leaving that fight to the one member in congress who can legitimately be called a Socialist  is the best plan!)

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