Friday, December 10, 2010

Middle East Justice Part 3 cont.

Well, I just don't have time to go and do research for this blog.  My thoughts and conclusions come from previous research I did on Lebanon and the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict.  I do not have those papers readily handy to pick through, nor can I find substantial evidence to support my conclusions online.  Most sources seem to either be too shallow of a pool of info or religiously or politically biased.

Anyway, to get this promised portion over with.  Egypt has been one of the strongest players in the Middle East, and was and is one of Palestine's biggest supporters.  However, in the 1980's their alliance changed significantly toward the West with the promise of aid for infrastructure development.  This is the same story with most Arab nations that have switched back and forth between fighting for Palestinian rights and budging toward Israel, including Syria and Iraq.

So, let me balance the picture out a little bit by saying that it is not just the West's want for control of Middle East oil, or power, but the ME's want for American-like economies/infrastructures and US ally-ship in general for their own political purposes that has been driving this maddening back and forth between support for Palestine and effective indifference.  

Neo-conservative policies outline US's position of destabilizing the Middle East for the interests of US domination (which include having Israel as a home base for Middle East aggression).  But even before that, the existence of the British policy, from the beginning of the 20th century, promising the creation of a Jewish homeland, are driven by religious fervor, and the specter of the Biblical Jewish state has haunted international relations since. 

The US recently partnered with Saudi Arabia for sharing and building scientific research.  This kind of nation building (or just mere allowance of ME states to develop!) could have and can be used with the rest of the Middle East for good relations, international stability, and building up of  valuable ME contributions to the rest of the world. 

Obama has showed signs of changing our blind devotion toward Israel, and moving away from neo-conservative dreams of hegemonic control of the region, but he has also showed signs of buckling under pressures of the Israeli lobby. 

The question remains, who supports justice for Palestine, and how has persistent injustice in the Middle East led to the growth of terrorist threats to the US and the rest of the world?

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