Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The 'New Republicans' Listening to the People

Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), says he's been protesting for the government to listen to the people for the past two years, and he's not going to stop now.

Really?  Have the Republicans been listening to the people?  I argue that they have just been playing a game of catch.  They throw out soundbites through Fox News, Newsmax and other conservative media outlets, and then catch them back from the millions of people who listen to those outlets and think they are 'Fair and Balanced' news.

Are these the same Republicans whose credo is 'the people can't think for themselves...that's why they elect leaders'?  I argue yes, but in disguise.  

What is the result?  Republicans new slogan- "Rein in spending and shrink the government."  I haven't heard that from the Republicans before.

What is the consequence?  Our congress is now about to embark on a major debate about shrinking the size of government and curbing spending. A great idea and quite an ideal, but this is not the ideal time for this micro-tuning of the government.  Now, I know, our congressmen and women should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, but....we have a lot of problems at odds with cleaning house right now.  It's like trying to buff the floor before you clean up the spilled beer cans and pizza boxes.

Economically speaking, government spending is what is needed now to help ease us out of the recession...that is what has been easing us out so far.

The big argument against my point of view is Alan Greenspan's recent assessment that our debt is going to drive investors away from our bond market (which is what has been keeping the dollar afloat since the 1970's).  That will be the subject of tomorrow's blog.

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